Volunteer Positions

There are many great ways to get involved with VTAP for the 2014 season! We provide training for all tax preparers and opportunities to get involved with marketing and IT strategy and projects. The experiences we offer will enhance your resume and allow you to give back to the U of M community!

We are looking for highly dedicated individuals to join our organization to help us achieve our goals. No prior business or tax knowledge is necessary, just a willingness to learn. We pride ourselves on recruiting the best student volunteers, and our application process is competitive. Opportunities include the following:

For detailed descriptions on specific positions, click here.

Tax Preparer

  • Entry level position
  • Certify to at least intermediate tax prep through the IRS
  • Assist clients in completing intake information
  • Work one-on-one with clients to complete tax returns
  • Enhance soft and technical skills

Nonresident Tax Preparer

  • Entry level position
  • Certify to at least foreign students tax prep through the IRS
  • Work one-on-one to prepare tax returns for nonresident alien students at the University of Minnesota

Quality Reviewer

  • Intermediate level position
  • Certify to at least advanced tax prep through the IRS
  • Assist tax preparers with complex returns
  • Answer complicated questions clients and tax preparers have
  • Certify that all tax returns are completed accurately

Site Coordinator

  • Advanced level position
  • Certify in all IRS tax prep
  • Manage a minimum of four tax preparers and two quality reviewers per shift
  • Complete the most complex returns
  • Prior experience in the program is required

IT Team

  • Support both VTAP’s clients and tax preparers technologically
  • Manage the website and make sure office technology is up-to-date and functional
  • Discuss IT strategy and aid process improvement

If you can’t make an info session or have other questions, please email us at umnmsatax@gmail.com!