Nonresident Appointment

The Volunteer Tax Assistance Program in partnership with University of Minnesota International Student and Scholar Services provides tax services if possible to students/staff at the University of Minnesota. ISS has purchased licenses to a tax preparation software that will determine whether you are a Nonresident Alien. Please read full instructions below.



What to do prior to the clinic:
1.    Collect all of your income documents (such as W-2’s, 1042-S, 1099’s, etc.).
2.    Review the tax orientation presentations out on the ISS website.
3.    Prepare your federal return on Glacier at
  • If the software determines you are a Resident Alien: Please set up an appointment with VTAP on the Resident Appointment page
  • If the software determines you are a Nonresident Alien: Please continue and complete your federal tax return through Glacier. Upon completion, print out your federal tax return and visit us at one of our Nonresident sites at the date/location listed below.

4.    Do NOT mail your federal return in to the IRS.  We will review your federal return at the clinic to confirm there are no errors.
5.    Come to a nonresident tax clinic.

What to bring to the clinic
•    Print-out of your federal return from Glacier Tax Preparation
•    All income documents (such as W-2’s, 1042-S, 1099’s, etc.)
•    A copy of your federal and state(s) returns from 2015, if you had any
•    A photo ID (passport or driver’s license is preferred)
•    If you are interested in filing a property tax refund return, you also need to bring:
o    Your certificate of rent paid from your landlord
o    A paper copy of your one-stop account from each semester in 2016

Be sure to show up early!
We will be handing out tickets for each clinic on a first come, first served basis.  The clinic starts at 5:30, and we would recommend that you arrive by then if you want to have your taxes completed that night.  We also recommend that you show up sooner in the tax season – the February sessions are usually not as busy, and we have to turn away many students in the April sessions.

Please contact with any questions

Nonresident Site/Clinic

*all non-resident sessions hours are 5:30PM to 8:30PM*

*admission times are 5:30PM to 7:30PM*

2/21 – CSOM 1-136
2/28 – CSOM 1-136
3/7 – CSOM 1-136
3/21 – CSOM 1-136
3/28 – CSOM 1-136
4/4 – CSOM 1-136
4/11 – CSOM 1-136




As a certified IRS VITA Site, we are restricted to providing help to low-income individuals with simple tax situations. If at any point we believe your tax return is out of our certified scope, we reserve the right to decline our tax services to you. We are not a paid professional tax service provider, meaning you are responsible for all information provided on the tax return and any associated liabilities surrounding your tax return. Under the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997, all IRS VITA sites are protected from any liabilities resulting from any unintended errors made by our volunteers. Thank you for your understanding.