Resident appointment

Make your appointment by first filling out the short survey below! Once provided with the link to the appointment scheduler, please review the notes below before booking a time.

Never made an appointment with VTAP before? Scroll down to the Appointy/Appointment Scheduling section below for some more help with how to schedule an appointment and use our appointment software “Appointy”.



AFTER SCHEDULING APPOINTMENT, PLEASE REVIEW THE PREPARE FOR AN APPOINTMENT PAGE BEFORE COMING TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. Preparing before your appointment ensures the most efficient and best quality service.


Important Notes

  • If you have difficult tax questions and/or a difficult return, it could take more than the scheduled time to prepare your return. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  • Standard appointments are one hour long and begin at the top of the hour. Your appointment may not actually take that long but please budget for one hour. If you need to make alternate arrangements for time (ex. an appointment starting at the half hour), please contact us.
  • We allow multiple appointments per time slot because we have multiple tax preparers in the office. If you book and receive a confirmation email for a certain time slot but the slot still appears open in Appointy, it is because other preparers have open time. Do not book yourself twice!
  • To cancel your appointment, log into your account and select “My Appointments”. Select the appointment you would like to cancel and click “Cancel”.
  • If you feel your return is complex, please contact us ahead of time to ensure we are able to complete your return.


Appointy/Appointment Scheduling Help

*For more detailed instructions on making an appointment, read the instructions listed below*
*If you are unable to access the survey from the link above, please click here for the direct link.

  • Review our FAQ page to make sure you qualify for our services!
  • Take the short survey (above) to determine if you qualify for our services. If you do qualify for our services, you will be given a link to our appointment scheduler.
  • Go to our appointment scheduler via the link provided at the end of the completed survey.
  • The default service (in the top bar the scheduler) will be ‘Prepare My Tax Return!’. Leave it- this is correct!
  • You will see a week view of the available appointments with VTAP. Select a date and time that works for you! If you do not want to make an appointment in the current week, use the “Month” tab near the top or the arrow near the top right of the page to select a day that works for you.
  • Please select an appointment time that works for you. Appointments are one hour in duration and begin on the hour (ex. 10AM-11AM, 12PM-1PM, etc.). If these standard appointment slots do not work for you, please contact us.
  • Click “Book Now.”
  • If necessary, create an account with Appointy. This will require you to enter your first and last name, phone number, and email address. You may use an email address or Facebook account to make an appointment on Appointy. You may also have to verify your account after creating it.
  • Make sure you receive a confirmation email from Appointy after booking your appointment! This should go to the email address you created the account with. If it is a G-Mail account, be sure to check your ‘Social’ and ‘Promotions’ tabs as well as spam to make sure the email didn’t get sent to any of those folders.

That’s it! Now, please respond to the survey above in order to schedule an appointment.